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Award Recipient 2023

Deedra Salange Ladouceur

Deedra Salange Ladouceur is a Mohkinstsis based Queer, Neurodivergent, Métis artist fascinated with all mediums of storytelling within the entertainment industry; including acting, singing, podcasting, poetry, puppetry and stand up. Their desire is to gain experience in all platforms of expression, propel Canadian diversity with theatre and inspire self-acceptance. They believe the courage to tell your story comes at a high cost of vulnerability. Likewise empathy is needed to listen to others. It is their wish to rouse the empathy and courage necessary, to allow those stories to come to fruition. They look forward to not only telling their own story, but also helping conduct other stories to the public's eye. They are grateful to be receiving this award, and aim to put the funds toward completing their Master's Program at the University of Calgary as they endeavour to bring the second installation in a trilogy of autobiographical works to life, through the creation of their show 'Ghost' Ruminating a Musing.


As Deedra believes in sharing art that creates cathartic moments in time to both learn from and heal through,

they are excited to share with you the first installation in their trilogy 'Ghost' Return to Mourning, and their newly developed podcast Downtime With Deeds.Each project represents moments of Deedra's life experiences as they share what they have learned in an effort to put into practice what they believe, that having a voice and sharing your own story leads to growth, health, and acceptance.

'Ghost' Return To Mourning:

-If you were presented with an opportunity to write a letter to death, what would you say? Ghost: Return to Mourning is an experimental exploration of death, balancing autobiographical sentiment with external pressures regarding the healing that often needs to take place. It encourages viewers to ruminate on past memories and divulge hidden truths to help us face darkness within ourselves when it comes to overcoming inauthenticity and accessing vulnerability. This vulnerability is achieved, through challenging the shame we are taught to cultivate, as a means of healing in an effort to honour the difficult and often conflicting emotions of losing our loved ones. Ghost incorporates aspects of lyrical storytelling, using multiple mediums such as poetry, spoken word and music. Death is a relentless part of life that unites people cross-culturally. This play assesses this cross-cultural phenomenon and reveals it as a tool used to separate us from relating to others. Ghost takes the audience on a journey of self-reflection in pursuit of coming to terms with loss, grief, and healing.

Before viewing, we would like to give the following trigger warnings: death, mention of suicide, addiction, and abuse. 



Downtime With Deeds:

-Join Deeds & Savy for some downtime, on their journey, as they listen, learn, reflect, and grow together.

Join in their excitement in premiering this new podcast to the public, as they share not only themselves, but give space to hear special guest Don Ladouceur's life story. Deeds & Savy thank you for your time given. In supporting and joining this journey.  

Please Be Advised that this podcast contains discussions on religion, politics, racism, environmentalism, colonization, genocide, and generational trauma.



Congratulations, Deedra!  We wish you success and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

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